Radiant heating and carpet flooring? Yes!

Radiant heating and carpet flooring? Yes!

As you consider radiant heating for your remodel, you might wonder if carpeting pairs well. Of course, it does, but certain conditions are necessary for the best and safest results.

If this is your first time considering radiant heat, you should take time to learn more about your choices. Here are some facts that could help you make the best decisions for any room.

First, check the manufacturer's recommendations

Depending on the R-value rating, some carpets are rated for radiant heat, and some aren't. Never pair radiant heat with carpets that aren't suited for it.

Manufacturers also recommend only UL-approved self-leveling mortar when combining carpet and underfloor heating. Carpeting and radiant heating are a better combination when we use this.

Considerations for flooring thickness

It's essential to pay attention to the overall thickness of underlayment and carpeting combined. But it's also crucial to consider the underlay material.

Avoid felt underlayment, which creates a thermal block and can hinder system performance. Furthermore, temperatures should never exceed 80 degrees, as controlled by a thermostat.

You might consider using radiant heat as a supplemental heat source, so you don’t have to worry as much about temperature control. Insulation boards and programmable thermostats are also helpful additions to your floor covering if you rely on this heating source alone, paired with carpet floors.

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