There are plenty of carpet options to choose from

Whether you’re looking for stunning beauty, excellent durability, or a terrific lifespan, carpet flooring has something for everyone. It’s a perfect choice for many décor matches and can even be a reasonable option if you have pets in the home. Let’s find out a little more about how these floors can work in your household.

What could carpet do for you?

If you're looking for a perfect visual match for your existing décor, you're going to love the extensive color options available in carpet flooring. Choose solid colors, patterns, or textured fibers that help create a unique look. Besides matching your décor, you can make the perfect ambiance, with soothing, mellow colors in bedrooms and studies and fun, playful colors in children’s playrooms.

For the best durability, you’ll want to choose a fiber that can stand up to your specific lifestyle and the amount of foot traffic it produces. For instance, if you have children and pets, you'll want suitable nylon or polyester fiber for the most-traveled areas since these stand up so well to traffic and stains. Lesser traveled rooms can make use of fibers that aren’t quite as durable.

Some manufacturers cater specifically to busy households, with built-in stain protection that keeps your floors looking great regardless. Spills and messes can never soak into the fibers. Therefore permanent stains are a thing of the past, as are the odors associated with them. But the best part about this built-in protection is that it never wears or washes off.

Carpet installation does take some time to install correctly. Specific tools and experience are required for a successful installation to ensure no seam separation, bunching, balding, or premature wear. Be sure to stop by anytime to find out more about these materials and how they can serve you.

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