Best carpet for high traffic areas

Best carpet for high traffic areas

Shopping for carpeting for high traffic areas isn't just a simple matter of selecting durability. Instead, consider the overall picture, including stain-and-dirt resistance, room use, style, and budget. Even color plays an important role when choosing a soft surface floor covering.

Why style is important

You’ll see hundreds of styles in our carpet store, but remember, some are better for specific installations than others. Facts to keep in mind when buying carpet for a high traffic area:

1.Low pile rugs with short, tightly woven yarns are easier to keep clean and are highly durable. They are stylish and great for living rooms used as the center of family activity or indoor stairs where people and pets run up and down all day.

2.Berber styles and level loops can also be considered low pile rugs for any space, Be mindful of stairs, however, as pet nails can get caught in the loops and snag.

3.Frieze is a high pile rug, but the yarns are shorter than the shag and twisted so tightly they curl, giving it a more casual look. This rug is durable and great for family rooms.

Color considerations

Dark or medium colors hide dirt better, but if you have a white or light-colored pet that sheds, it may not be a good choice, with the opposite being true if you have a dark-colored pet.

Why fiber is so important

This is the material from which the yarns are made, making it the foundation of a rug. Although there are acrylics and blends, the five most commonly chosen are wool, natural, and synthetics such as nylon, polyester, olefin (polypropylene), and Triexta. Do a little research and know the pros and cons of each, as fiber determines appearance, performance, and longevity.

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